What separates you from other SEO companies?

Other SEO companies work from templates and blindly go through masses of time-wasting activities that have no effect on rankings. We’re very good at discovering and targeting areas that will make the difference to your rankings and traffic – faster than anybody else.

What sort of monthly budget do I need?

Netprro assures for the performance guarantee results. SEO packages depends on the number of keywords you would choose to have for your website and we provide quotes accordingly.
Contact Netprro on 1800-65-3339 / 02-8999-1414 or send us an E-mail.

How many key phrases can I target?

We allow unlimited key phrase targeting and can allocate a different portion of your SEO budget to each separate phrase. Our SEO campaigns are highly flexible and scalable which means that you can change phrases and budget on a month-to-month basis.

Who will be in charge of my SEO?

At Netprro Australia we care about personalisation of service, this is why you will mostly hear from your own account manager who is directly responsible for your website’s performance in search engines. Your project, depending on its size may involve up to ten people. Our experienced consultants can go beyond simple SEO and link building and on-demand create an elaborate strategy for you website. Our general manager Simon Phillips oversees the top-level strategy for our SEO projects.

How long have you been doing SEO for?

Netprro Australia has been consulting in the field of SEO since 2009.

What is your secret?

There are no secrets. We feature a high level of transparency and share all our knowledge and ranking activities by way of simple and clean reporting that is accessible to all of our clients on demand 24/7.

The Netprro Australia team employs a set of highly effective and innovative link building tactics that follow common sense and comply with the best SEO practices as outlined by major search engines.

We’re selective and prefer to research our link opportunities before making contact to ensure our conversations with you are productive. Good results are achieved with the right balance of creativity and hard work. Patience, as they say, is a virtue.

Which SEO strategy is best for me?

This depends very much on your objectives, your website, your industry sector and the budget you have available for SEO, amongst other factors.

Our expert Search Marketing Consultants can talk you through your options. You can also read more about our services here. We have flexible strategies that are designed to give you confidence in our SEO services, and also fit in with your business model and business goals.

Why choose Smart Traffic?

  • Our quality services: We have one of the largest technical resources in the industry, and an expert, knowledgeable team at your disposal, which means the strategies we recommend and the services we provide are the best quality.
  • Our dedicated Campaign Management team: We have a team of qualified SEO Campaign Managers who will work closely with you to manage your Campaign and strategy and ensure we meet your needs and objectives.

Do you outsource your link building?

We have a large in-house team of dedicated SEO technicians and experts, all of whom are Smart Traffic employees. They have a wealth of experience in reviewing and analysing websites, making recommendations on improvements that can be made, manually crafting links, delivering onsite and offsite improvements, and advising on on-going SEO strategy. All of our links are sourced via collaboration with real websites and real website owners, which ensures that they are genuine and relevant to your industry sector, services or products. This also means we can guarantee our links for a certain period of time.

Where are your offices? Can I visit you to discuss my needs personally?

Our Netprro Australia offices in located Parramatta, NSW, 2150 .

We always encourage our clients to come in and see us to discuss their needs in more detail. We also have no problems in coming out to see you to chat further about your objectives or the progress of your campaign.

Simply call +61 (0)2 8999 1414 to arrange a meeting with an expert member of our team.

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