Is SEO a part of Digital Marketing Services?

How are SEO and Digital marketing services different from each other?

In today’s competitive world, SEO is a must if business wants to stand out of the crowd. SEO is a part of digital marketing services that helps the websites rank higher in the search engines and also helps to drive targeted traffic to your website. Nowadays, users browse your website from mobile devices and tablets.

Digital Marketing ServicesWhile developing a business site, one should keep in mind the digital marketing aspects. It is important that your website offers the best user experience. It is a truth that you would be spending a huge amount of money for developing your website. Easy to navigate and user-friendly websites can help your business reach new heights. A combination of SEO services and SMO can be beneficial for small and large businesses.

Go Beyond Boundaries with Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing StrategyIt is important to hire a reliable SEO company to help you achieve the maximum ROI. Internet can be the best source to hire SEO service provider. There are many companies listed online and you can contact them personally to get estimates.

Social media channels can help you reach the targeted audience easily. You can check the client reviews and testimonials while hiring SEO Company. SEO services Australia can help you stay ahead of the competition. The expert SEO professionals you hire keep an eye on your competitors to know what they’re doing to stay ahead in the race. Based on their understanding, they suggest suitable strategies for SEO that will help your business grow.

It is essential to understand that digital marketing can help you reach the potential customers. SEO along with SMO helps you build a powerful reputation for your brand. You can communicate with the clients directly and make the users get attracted to your products and services. Digital marketing services also include e-mailers, newsletters, social media, etc. You can be stress-free when you hire a reliable and reputed agency for SEO services Australia. Do some research and hire the best SEO firm to help you make huge profits in no time.

Why should you worry about Penguin 3.0 update?

Can Penguin 3.0 update affect my website rankings?

The latest release of Penguin 3.0 update focuses on removing spam and improving the search results. The websites that rank abnormally high in search results because of the participation in manipulative, spammy tactics would be penalised. The website owners should ensure that their SEO strategy is up to date.


According to the Penguin algorithm, websites would be penalised if they contain unnatural and manipulative links. Google has been placing a lot of emphasis to make sure that only high-quality and natural links should be counted. The suspicious links should be discounted. Hence, your website requires links that are genuine and natural.

If you’ve been indulged in comment spam, guest blog posts from low quality blogs or paid for PR posts from PR websites, then you should look for an expert SEO consultant to check whether it’s affecting your website. It is likely that these activities can harm your website in several ways.

What works?

Google Penguin UpdateDon’t forget that links are still beneficial for SEO as long as they are from high quality relevant websites. However, do not consider link building as a stand-alone activity because doing so will a short-lived solution. It is important to create high quality content that people would love to read and get engaged with.

Social media should be an integral part of your SEO. Social links are loved by Google’s new Penguin update. Social media links can help your website rank higher.

What changes should you make now?

If you feel that your rankings have been recently affected, you should stop using low quality links that you’ve done in the past. You must organise an experienced SEO consultant to review your website and provide suggestions.

It’s quite early to say much about the update. Let’s wait to get more updates on the new Penguin algorithm changes.

Building Traffic Through Article Marketing

Why should I use article marketing and article submission services for my website?

There are several ways to make your website rank higher and help to generate profits. One of the ways is article submission services. It is one of the most popular SEO techniques that can make your business website gain exposure in the search engines and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Here are some major benefits of article marketing services:

Secret-Article-Marketing-StrategyExposure: Your website would get good exposure when you use article marketing services. The potential customers would know your products and services and be tempted to buy them. Your business can get visible on various sites when you start using article marketing services for SEO.

Cost effectiveness: Submission of the articles to the directories is free of cost. Your website gets exposure with article marketing services. The only cost you need to pay is for hiring professional experts for article submission services.

Target a specific audience: If you want to target specific visitors, you can create the content that’s intended for the existing and potential customers. People looking for your products and services can reach your website and this would help to increase the sales and profits.

article-marketingBuild trust: High quality articles would leave a lasting impression on the visitors. They would build trust in your brand and this would evoke them to consider your company first.

Increase online revenue: There’s unlimited potential in article submission services. You would be able to attract the new customers and maintain the current ones when you make use of article submission and article marketing services Australia.

Once you have decided to use article marketing services, you should look for an expert service provider who can understand your requirements and offer specific and custom solutions. It is important to make sure that your SEO project is in safe hands.

How to write great content for the website?

This is a common query these days – How to write engaging and interesting content to attract the visitors? Of course,Web-Content-Writing you should write original content keeping in mind the targeted users and their tastes. You can have a look at the competitors’ websites and know what they are doing to maximize their visibility in the online world.

Have you noticed that a lot of people use social networking websites as a blogging platform? You can also do the same. Find the information about the latest updates related to your product or services and keep posting them. You can also link social networking sites to each other and post relevant and useful content for the users.

Tips to write engaging website content:

Make sure that the content you post is useful and engaging. If you want to get into the limelight, keep an eye on the market and industry trends so that you know what’s going on. Subscribe to the newsletters of some popular blogging websites as it would continue to help you upgrade your knowledge.

content-writing-servicesYou can also hire expert content writers or bloggers to provide the best articles and blogs as per your requirements. If you do not have a budget to hire a full-time content writer Australia, you can look for freelancers. There are several freelance content writers available in the market across the globe. Just by spending a few dollars every month, you would be getting blogs written by expert professionals. It is surely a cost effective to reach the targeted audience and make them engaged in your products / services.

After content creation comes content distribution. You should find places to post the blogs apart from your website. This would surely help your website rank higher in the search engines. It is important to distribute your content properly in order to get the right popularity your business deserves.

SEO Benchmarks You Can’t Afford to Miss

The importance of SEO cannot be neglected in today’s modern times. You should check the existing rankings and see where you are positioned on the search engines. Here are some significant areas to benchmark when considering SEO:

Top 4 benchmarks that you cannot afford to miss for SEO:

21. No. of pages:

You should track the number of pages indexed on Google and other search engines. Duplicate web pages can harm your website as it may take longer time to get indexed. You should also check the coding of your website and check the Google’s index also.

2. Landing pages:

Landing pages play a major role in driving traffic to your website. Landing pages can be used to know how much traffic the website gets. The conversion rate can also be tracked.

13. No. of keywords:

Choosing the right keywords and maintaining keyword density is very important. Create high quality content with the right set of keywords if you want to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines. Understand the performance of the keywords and make changes if required.

4. Social media:

Social media is a powerful medium for building brand awareness. Post high quality content and updates on social networking profiles and see how it benefits your business. You would be able to reach a wider audience and share the content also.

You should not ignore the power of backlinks. In order to beat the competition, your website should have relevant backlinks. You can benchmark your competitors’ backlinks too.

No matter what strategies you select for SEO, you should keep a track of the performance and make sure that it helps you achieve the maximum Return on investment. Hire an expert SEO agency Australia to help you achieve the profits. An experienced service provider would take care of everything and you can enjoy the benefits.

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