SEO News Updates and Headlines

Are you are happy with your Search engine optimization and maintain well performing SEO strategy, you can still plan to advance the strategies by the useful insights from the industry people. Here are the top ten marketing blogs that publish quality blogs regularly which makes them visible in the web.


SEOmoz is a great SEO resource developed to help the whole SEO community. All the tool, service and articles are free for the users. Many interesting articles are available in this blog and it has useful tutorials and tools.

Search Engine Land

Search engine land is a place where all the industry developments are tracked and provides information about what works and what does not work in terms of search engine optimization.

Search Engine Watch

You can get reliable and trustworthy marketing news and expert advice and tips from search engine watch.

SEO Book

This blog focuses on search engine news and search engine optimization tips. Moreover it consist lot of information about SEO and search engines.


This is a user generated blog from SEOmoz. Users can submit by registering with SEOmoz. The information shared is valuable as they discuss about the challenges faced by the SEO community.

Search Engine Round Table

Here you find the latest search engine news and techniques. You can check the SEO forum to know what being discussed about SEO in the globe.

Search Engine Journal

This is another trust worthy and respected blog which shares SEO information and also frequently updates the latest news.

Daily SEO Tips

Daily SEO tips provide short and useful tips which are actionable. The tips are updated daily and are of great help to your search engine marketing strategies.

Search Engine Guide

This blog covers almost all areas such as social media, search engine marketing and much more.

SEO Chat

This is a fantastic blog which comes with well researched posts. It’s part of a bigger site which has good forum and free SEO tools.

Beginners Search Engine Optimization

This blog provides advices and tips on search engine optimization and also shares internet marketing news for website owners. As this blog is focused on beginners, it deals with the basics of SEO.

Google Related

Google related is a tool from Google which allows users to access similar content which they are seeing through the webs browsers. You can view the relevant details at the toolbar present at the bottom of the web browser. From the user point of view, Google related is the best tool as it gives them more information about the product they are searching and aims at good buying decision.

Having website alone will not take your business long way, one has to think about the various ways to promote the business online. You should list your business in Google places, in other relevant directories and update relevant blogs to promote and support your business online.

Businesses should outsource SEO or keep it in house

Managing SEO in house needs expertise and the approach followed should be right to attain success. Studies show that four in ten small and medium sized businesses fail to have an online presence. This clearly shows that SEO has lot of room for growth.

If you get the basics right, SEO is not a complicated procedure. But if you fail to provide attention and focus on the right areas it becomes difficult to handle. Whether you go for in house or external SEO assistance the results are purely dependable on your expectations and skill of the resources.


In archive you can view the articles which were published prior to the launch of new website. These are archived blog articles, in order to view latest news please visit main blog page.

Tracking and Analysis for good rankings

Data is important to any business, especially when it comes to SEO and website analysis data measurement is essential. Measuring data alone cannot produce great results, but the alteration and the work we do against the data will yield better results.

Information tracking not only gives good understanding of the industry, but also let us know what customers are looking for and most importantly helps to know what Google finds for the respective searches relevant to your website. Data tracking will help us to know what are the searches used to reach your website, average time spend by the user in your site, the percentage of new users visiting your site and also the percentage of users who opt out of the site before visiting the rest of the pages. Google Analytics is the tools which do this task for you.

How effective is SEO

Online marketing is growing at a fast pace, more businesses want to mark their online presence more than before. Achieve good ranking in Google has become a daunting task.

Search engine optimization is the best tool to rely upon to bring in more customers to website through high page ranking by making relevant content to the business and using targeted keywords. SEO effectiveness is clearly shown by the increased traffic and high ranking of the page. One can gauge the effectiveness of SEO through Google Analytics results. Comparative study can be done by checking the previous results with current one. Marketing a website to the right customers would make the business successful and more flourishing.

PPC News

New developments are consistently taking place on Google AD words, Facebook ads and Bing and Yahoo advertising. This blog would constantly update you with the latest happening which has a direct impact on your advertising cost.

Free Ad words Health check exclusive for your business

At times you may invest regularly on Google Adwords campaign and not gain a constructive ROI. Also there may be an elevation in the conversion rate cost when compared to the cost spend on web generated customers.

We offer a free Adwords health check up for your Google Adwords advertising campaign. With our wide knowledge in PPC advertising and in depth understanding of the current market, we can find out how effective your ad campaign is in the competitive industry.

Adwords health check is performed primarily bring in online advertising, quality traffic, more conversion and more clicks and ultimately more online visibility to your business. More over our analysis would help you to find out the areas where you can actually save money in online advertising, this enables a cost effective PPC campaign and good returns on the cost spend for advertising.

PPC Blogs

Before you go for PPC advertising it is essential to know more about the best practice doing the rounds. Here we have focused on top 10 blogs which are considered best at present market. This would provide you thorough and quality information which would help during your PPC campaign

The ten blogs are PPC hero, PPC blog, Certified knowledge, 6s marketing, Joanna Lord, Adwords blog , Beyond the paid, Clix marketing, Gordon Choi, and Click Equations.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is the integral activity of every Australian business. Selection of the right online marketing tool and bringing more consistent and calculable return of investment is a great challenge to businesses. This blog primarily aims to aid Australian businesses to acquire more Google Adwords.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is another form of online advertising created to enhance the conversion rate achieved by business by potential customers visiting their websites. Google Remarketing lets Adwords advertisers to show the ads to visitors who had already accessed the website. These visitors would be more interested in your products and services as they know your business well.

With the help of remarketing Adwords campaign managers can define the targeted audience to whom the specific ads are created in order to lure them to the business. Google Remarketing is a wonderful tool which offers second opportunity to mark your brand presence to the targeted audience who have failed to buy during their first visit.

Online advertising shows strong growth in Australia

Most of the Australian advertisers prefer only online advertising to increase their ROI and the recent reports show that the online advertising rate in Australia has increased to 12% in the last financial year.

According to Frost and Sullivan latest report, Australian businesses have spent up to $635 million for online marketing and this is expected to exceed billion dollars by 2016. On the other hand, video advertising and mobile advertising is likely to grow more than expected in the years to come.

Google Analytics

For a robust SEO campaign, first you need to understand the Google Analytics. Data in the Google analytics gives you important information about buyer behaviour, potency of the web pages and certain products. This would let you know how customers value and view your webpage.

How to increase the time spent on webpage

There are lot of techniques to increase the traffic to websites such as paid marketing, SMO, SEO and other online techniques and offline marketing endeavour; however businesses are misguided about the whole concept of increasing the traffic.

There are lot of businesses who are desperate that their sites should be viewed for a longer time. However, what’s the point when buyer spend so much of time in your shop without buying anything. Increase in the average time is fruitful only when customers spend long time and buy products from you. This is the reason why it’s significant to analyse the time spent on your site.

E-commerce sites makes this possible where you can know details about the page views, time spent on site and buying activity. Online sales are easily calculable when compared to offline. Offline sales can also know the details by collecting relevant data; however it will take a long time to gather information.

Google Analytics switches to new version

The old version is Google Analytics is not available since early 2012 and going forward the new version will be the default version. The new version is far better than the old in terms of functionality and usability. The new version is more into assisting the online marketing professional in their optimization efforts as you can easily manipulate data using simple navigation menu.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization is very much useful for businesses to make an impact on their financial statement without spending huge investment. Split testing and consistent enhancement of landing pages lets business to enhance conversion and get more money. This blog focuses on various ways through which you can improve conversion and get more money using PPC advertising and Adwords.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate is determined when visitors turns to potential customers. To enhance the conversion rate, businesses create specific targeted landing pages. The purpose of creating this page is to convert the landing page visitors to buying customers.

Primarily conversion rate optimization process indulges in identifying why visitors aren’t turning to customers and its main focus is not to attract customers to site. You can find various companies promising high conversion rates and perfect landing page; however, all this is far from truth. If a perfect landing page exists, there would be 100% conversion, till now there is no such site which can offer 100 % conversion rate. Also conversion rate is highly personalized and specific to every website where it is applied.

Devising a marketing communications strategy

Our company have surpassed others when it comes to routing traffic to the site and achieving high page ranking. We have around 10,000 keywords displayed on the first page of Google and the traffic is terrific and great, but still we feel that we can really perform a lot to our customers. According to us ranking and rating is not seen as result instead they are end; end is good return on investment for the amount of dollars spent. Still we do not stop with the end result but provide more focus in order to enhance the conversion rate and qualified traffic.

SEO Tips

You can find handy SEO tips in this blog, these tips are essential to channelize traffic and achieve good page ranking. With the help of SEO tips you can mark online presence of your business.

Viral Content

Viral content is which spreads very fast among people. These may be pictures, content, clips which spreads across social media sites like wildfire. Video such as YouTube is a very good example of viral content.

Viral content is spread really everywhere and it shows up on news, all current events and programs. Actually it is quite difficult to make industry related content go viral unless it is ground breaking. But you can share the information among industry people. Though going viral is pretty hard, it has lot of benefits as it brings lot of exposure to your business and the services you offer.

Sitemap and Google ranking

Sitemaps are considered significant as it enables Google to crawl all the vitally important pages quickly and effectively. Indexing all the pages is not easy, however a strong sitemap makes Google to navigate and index all pages. Sitemap lets Google to know about your site and also identifies the relevant content for the searches made in Google; this helps your page rankings and SEO.

There is misinterpretation that sitemaps primary increases your page ranking, but is this actually not true as creating sitemaps isn’t necessarily offer good ranking and quality traffic to your site. Instead it allows Google to easily find the content and other information available in the key pages; this in turn improves the page rankings.

SEO Content

This blog primary focuses on very vital feature of search engine marketing which in on page content. You can know about site navigation, integration of keywords, and catchy and interesting content focussing potential audience, and numerous tips to balance between SEO and reader friendly content.

Google Ranking Alert

Content and relevance are the two important terms used very often in online marketing. Introduction of Google panda has lot of impact of the page ranking. Due to panda intervention some sites have shown improved rankings and other have suffered in the hands of panda. Even face book, Wikipedia and YouTube have faced unexpected jumps in traffic.

SEO Video Vs SEO Content

All business adhere to the same process when it comes to the ranking of new services, and products such as producing new article or posting blog which mainly focuses on the subject and the relevant keyword searches. In the thousands of websites in market which try to position the site in first page, it is difficult to rank high for blog articles due to the never ending competition existing in the market. The articles and blogs you write should be highly focuses or it should talk about the latest buzz in the industry to fetch you more rewards. In spite of providing informative content and improved on-page optimization, your site may still lag behind as per the Google algorithms.

Video content comes as saviour as Google gives lot of importance to video and the chances of positioning you in the first page is more with the use of video content. However, similar to place listings video content is showed only for relevant keywords.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is the quick technique to lure more traffic to your site. However, it is very expensive and managing cost per click at reasonable rate is quite a tough task. So, wise use of PPC advertising is crucial to attract more visitors and to increase the ROI. Read on to know more about Adwords and PPC in order to benefit out of PPC advertising.

Ads below Organic search

Google officially announced that Adwords will be shown below organic search result and the traditional placement will be shown beside the organic search. Since June, Google is vigorously worked and came out with new and enhanced search experience with lot of changes such as how the search engine results are shown which includes website previews and alteration in Google places.

Though we have seen lot of changes now and then, Adwords displaying beneath organic Google search results is vast and latest change which is to be made permanent. Google when announcing states that the alteration in the search engine pages are basically to enhance the user experience.

Google Adwords impression share

The matched search query brings to light the relationship between the Ad words keyword and the keyword that is responsible for your ad to displayed in Google search results. In case the ad works well with specific keywords, then it is a good idea to use the exact match keywords in the ad campaign or you can use them in SEO campaign.

The matched search query is report is very vital as it also help to find the negative match PPC keywords. Negative match are keywords which you need not target on, for example if the “latest car’s” is your keyword, you can find lot of search for second hand latest car. You should avoid the negative match and make your keyword match concise and clear.